About Us

About us

Kastana General Trading Company is a company registered in the official departments of the Republic of Turkey

The company operates fully managing the kstana.com website.
Our site works in two parts (display and sale of Turkish products)
It is the first comprehensive Arab website from Turkey for all those interested in Turkish markets.
It allows users to purchase products and the ability to browse all products and choose what suits you
And share information from all groups.
With pride, we serve hundreds of thousands of clients in the Arab world and all over the world
And to make an unparalleled contribution to the competitiveness and commercial capacity of Turkey
Kastana website is an ideal platform for buyers and sellers in Turkey and abroad to interact and shop products easily.
Its main headquarters is in Istanbul.


our address

Osmaniye mah.şirin sokak gül ap no :24/SBakırköy/istanbul

şirin sokak gül apartman no :24/S – Osmaniye mahallesi
Bakırköy / İstanbul