Athena turkish dinner set 24 pieces

Athena turkish dinner set 24 pieces

Athena turkish dinner set 24 pieces


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Dinnerware sets

made of porcelain

made in Turkey

24 pieces


The way you serve the food is what opens the appetite of your husband and children, and honors you in front of your family and guests, so a stylish dish set is a must

We offer you this luxurious and unique Turkish dinner set, with a modern design and wonderful, consistent colors, the product is identical to the image in white colour and contains drawings of triangles, squares and circles in different shades of blue

The set is made of the finest types of bony porcelain, or Chinese porcelain, and the porcelain material is characterized by being completely safe and healthy, it withstands high temperatures, so you can put hot food in it completely safely, and it can also be cleaned inside the dishwasher without being affected in the long term with repeated use And washing.

The set is made of 24 pieces, that is enough for 6 people, and it consists of

  • 6 plates for eating
  • 6 plates for serving food
  • 6 plates for soup
  • 6 plates for sweets


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