Censor set with a mirror

Censor set with a mirror

Censor set with a mirror


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  • Censer
  • Made in Turkey
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Censor set with a mirror

Make your home smell amazing all the time and give it a special warmth and atmosphere by using this wonderful censer.

A Turkish censer set, made from the finest materials, with an elegant modern design, a wonderful masterpiece that decorates your home.

The censer resembles a cup and is made of copper coated with black colour, and a shiny golden base decorated with horse accessory, and on top of it there is a filter for ash resulting from incense burning.

The box is cup shaped, made of copper, black painted, golden base and golden cover decorated with horse accessory.

The tray is round shaped, made of copper in gold color, and decorated with accessories in the form of horses, and a mirror in the middle, measuring 30 cm in diameter.

The set consists of:

  • Tray.
  • censer.
  • Box for incense.
  • Forceps for incense.

The set is available in the following colors:

  • silver.
  • Shiny golden.
  • Golden matte.

*It is advisable to wipe manually for cleaning.

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