Fiona Turkish coffee cups set:

Fiona Turkish coffee cups set:

Fiona Turkish coffee cups set:


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  • coffee cup set
  • made of porcelain
  • made in Turkey
  • 12 pieces



Coffee had spread throughout the world from “southern Abyssinia” in the early fourteenth century, and the drink was obtained by boiling the seeds of coffee, and the Turks knew coffee around 1517.

In Turkish coffee culture, many tools and equipment’s are used, from grains to cooking and serving coffee, and Turkish coffee cups are one of the most important symbols of Turkish coffee culture.

Enjoy the wonderful Turkish coffee flavor in this special Turkish coffee cup set, made of Chinese bone (porcelain), one of the best types of porcelain, and the set of coffee cups consists of 12 pieces which is sufficient for 6 persons:

6 coffee cups

6 coffee plates

The product is identical to the image, the cups are in white colour with an orange drawing, the plates are in dark blue colour, with drawings in red and orange colour, and whitish in the middle.
*It is recommended to be washed with a dish cleaning liquid in the dishwasher  in the short program or by hand.

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