Turkish Bablian Garden Teapot

Turkish Bablian Garden Teapot

Turkish Bablian Garden Teapot


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  • Teapot
  • made of porcelain
  • made in Turkey


Turkish Bablian Garden Teapot

Discover elegance with our  Turkish Bablian Garden Teapot! Be special in the way you serve your tea, and welcome your guests in a unique way.

We offer you that special Turkish teapot, Bablian garden, with a unique wonderful design, with wonderful drawings of flowers and birds in bright and harmonious colors. The jug is made of porcelain bone china from the best types of porcelain.

Package includes: bowl and cover (total 2 pieces)


Volume: Pot is 2500ml

Cap: 1100ml

Height: 28 cm

It can be used on all types of fireplaces

* It is recommended to be washed in the dishwasher in the short program or by hand.

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Weight 3 kg
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