Valery Turkish Dinner Set 24 pieces

Valery Turkish Dinner Set 24 pieces

Valery Turkish Dinner Set 24 pieces


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  • Turkish
  • porcelain
  • 24 pieces


To the lovers of “Harem al_sultan”, and “Nour and Muhannad”, who are amazed by the beauty of Turkish kitchens, and the elegance and luxury of Turkish utensils

We present to you this elegant Turkish dinnerware set that decorates your kitchen and your dining room, and would touch your family and guests, it is presented to you in a distinctive design in white and black colour with flowers painted in a bright colour.

This Turkish dinner set is made of the highest quality porcelain, which is tough, and resistant to high temperature, so you can clean it in the dishwasher without being affected

The set of dinner plates consists of 24 pieces, for 6 persons, in details, they are consisting of

  • 6 pieces of serving plates (size 27cm)
  • 6 plates for eating (size 22 cm)
  • 6 plates for desserts (size 20 cm)
  • 6 plates of soup bowls ( size 14 cm)

Valery dinner plate set is the best Turkish dinnerware set you can ever have, what are you waiting for?! Order it now at the best price

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